Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mad In The Middle

Where's the Perp Walk for Scooter?

First Traitor Indicted In Treasongate Scandal

To no one's surprise, Patrick Fitzgerald and the Grand Jury indicted Scooter Libby. What I would like to know is --- where is the "perp walk?" Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see old Scootty hobbled-up and cuffed-up like a heifer waiting for branding.

It seems like every other night we see some kid busted for pot put in leg irons and cuffs and led off to the hooscow. Let's see. Treason. Pot. Treason? Pot? Which of those is the worse? Of course, the counter argument is going be that no treason was committed and that it was "only" perjury and obstruction. Uh, ok. Perjury. Pot. Perjury? Pot? I still think perjury wins the door prize for a nice perp walk.